Thursday, August 5, 2010

¡Buenas dias!

I'm here at the MTC in Madrid and this week went great! I love it. We left from Salt Lake City last Friday, flew to Atlanta, Georgia, and from there flew here to Madrid. The flight took about 8 hours, but the time difference was 14 hours, which was a challenge to get used to but I think we're doing all right now.

We came here and President Earl, Sister Earl, Hermano Expósito, and Frére Pepe picked us up from the airport and brought us here. The MTC is called the CCM, el Centro de Capacitación Misional. It is quite different from the MTC in Provo. In Provo there are about 2,000 missionaries in training and there were 11 in my district. Here there are 11 in the entire MTC, and my companion and I make up our district. Elder Middleton is my companion and he's awesome!!!! He´s from southeast London.

Yesterday basically completed my life. Hermano Expósito had told us about soccer fields to play on that we could go to during our time for actividad física. So, after a few boring days in the gym at the Stake Center, we decided to go find these fields. We had been told where they were, but we weren't exactly sure. So, we are walking in this park, where we were told they were, and I'm looking for goals, or a bit of grass, or something that will help us find it, and I see this big opening in the ground. I saw a big cement wall on the other side, so I thought it was a skate park, but when I kept walking, I saw big stone steps leading down to an open area, like a coliseum, with two goals and a "field." It wasn´t cement, and it wasn´t rubber, it was somewhere in between that, but either way, I was so excited. Ben and Jacob, it´s like FIFA Street in real life. There was graffiti on the walls and steps and bits of trash here and there. It's the most beautiful field I have ever seen, haha. There were two little boys playing so we asked if we could all play together.

This morning we went to the Madrid Temple, which is right on the same block as us, and it was beautiful! It is beautiful! Oh my goodness. We had people in our session that spoke English, Spanish, Portugese, French, and German. We ended up doing the session in English, but it was cool to see that many languages there together. When we come back to visit Spain we must go to the temple here.

I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Fagersten

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