Monday, August 30, 2010



Time goes so quickly for these emails. We have one hour to read all of your emails, read the weekly bulletin for the notice, write the mission president, and try to write you as well. So, this might be brief, but I'll try.

Here in Almería we have fútbol for ward activities! Every Saturday morning they play at the chapel. Our ward is about 1/3 Spanish, 1/3 Ecuatorian, and 1/3 Argentine. People here can't say my name at all and they all ask if I'm from Germany...

There is no carpet here. Nobody has carpet, the chapel doesn't have carpet, it's just not here.

There is so much more that I want to tell you! I'm sorry, but I'll have to continue next week.

The Lord is very much aware of who we are and what we are experiencing in our lives. Stay close to him and continue to develop your relationship with Him. He loves you!

Elder Fagersten

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  1. shar, just wanted to let you know that these are being read. ;) thanks for posting them. love you and we sure love Elder Fagersten!!!