Saturday, April 7, 2012

January 9, 2012


On Saturday we had Specialized Training with President and Hermana Clegg.  The La Mancha Zone is the biggest in terms of square kilometers, or square miles, however you want to look at it.  The Hermanas in Badajoz and the Elders in Cáceres, which are over in Extremadura, in the west near Portugal, came all the way over to Ciudad Real.  The other areas in our Zone are Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Valdepeñas, and Alcázar de San Juan.  We have an amazing Zone and I love the missionaries so much.  Half of us were in the Sevilla Zone at one point or another, and the other half we have gotten to know very well also.  I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people during my mission, members, investigators, and missionaries alike.

With the New Year, President Clegg talked to us about 10 things that, during his time as mission president, he has observed and felt will help us draw closer to and become more dedicated and powerful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Hermana Clegg talked to us about setting goals, and the Zone Leaders talked to us about prayer, and especially helping those we teach to pray with faith.  I love President and Hermana Clegg so much!  They are incredible.  They also came and visited our branch yesterday.  The members felt grateful and excited to have them there.  There were 32 people there!  It was great!

I am really grateful for the constant invitation that the Lord extends to us to come unto Him.  That is how we find peace and purpose in our lives.  I know He lives and loves each of us individually and perfectly.

Elder Fagersten

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