Saturday, December 31, 2011

November 5, 2011


Well, the week of transfers was CRAZY! We were really busy this week, but it all turned out all right. I am continuing to feel the importance of our time and see the value of planning, setting goals, and filling our lives with worth-while things. Time is going by really quickly.

We visited Carlos and Alexandra this week and we talked about faith. The Spirit was teaching all of us as we read and studied the scriptures, asked questions, and discussed this basic but important principle. The gospel is simple, no matter how complicated we try to make it. Nowhere is the gospel taught more simply and more clearly than in the Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father does not want us to be confused about what we need to know, feel, do, and become. He loves us enough to give us a choice, and by exercising our agency righteously we can prepare ourselves to return to His presence and live with Him again. He has prepared the way for us. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us "the way."

Elder Fagersten

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