Saturday, December 31, 2011


These are picture from Mijas
1) Brice's leather shop - Elder Taylor is in the red shirt, Elder Stevens in the hat, and Brice is there behind Elder Stevens

2) Suit of Armor

3) La Costa del Sol behind me. That's Fuengirola, over my left shoulder

4) Brice also took us up to his house - these are his two sons Kevin (on the left) and Noel (on the right). His wife, Krisztina is from Hungary, so she speaks to them in Hungarian. Brice is half American, half French, so he speaks to them in French. Brice and his wife speak to each other in English, so the boys understand that and they're starting to speak it a litte, and they go to a Spanish elementary school, so they will grow up knowing four languages.

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