Monday, December 13, 2010

November 1, 2010

We had a good week. Monday we went to Granada for our preparation day. We went to the Alhambra but the cool part didn't open until later and we didn't have time to go. Still, it was fun. Later that night we had a meeting about things we can improve in our Zone and set some goals.

Tuesday we visited a man that lives in a little pueblo (town) about 45 minutes away on bus. The Stake Patriarch also lives there and we had the lesson at his house. It went really well and I felt the Spirit there. I love being here.

The rest of the week went well and I continue to learn things every day. Each of us have opportunities to learn and improve each day. It's true, sometimes life gets a little hectic, and we get a little crazy trying to keep up with everything, but just remember, even Moses was a basket case once. Seriously though, we really can draw closer to the Lord in every experience that we have. I know that is true and I know that the Savior lives and loves us.

And I love you.

Elder Fagersten

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